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When a student has obtained the “diplôme d’études” in architecture, his or her transfer to another architecture college depends on the admission capacity of this establishment.

When a student has not completed the cycle of study leading to a “diplôme d’études” in architecture, or to a “diplôme d’État” in architecture, his or her transfer to another college can only happen with the agreement of the director of the admitting college, after the advice of the appropriate committee, and given the number and content of credits already obtained. The director will determine, based on the commission's proposal, the missing teaching or teaching units that the student must take in order to complete their cycle.

Any student wishing to obtain a transfer to another national architecture college submits a request on the one hand to the director of his or her college and on condition of anonymity, on the other hand, to the director of the establishment where he or she wishes to continue his or her studies.

The student must obtain a request form from the administration and teaching departments from the colleges concerned, usually in April or May. All transfers are subject to capacity in the admitting establishment.